Live Wire - 26-27. september 2009
Ultimate Hat Tournament
Hønefoss ~ 18-19. sept. 2010 ~ Hønefoss Idrettspark
AKA Arena and Main Grass Field
The tournament format we used for Live Wire 2010 actually created two events in one tournament in which both events were played by the same 22 players. The one event was 5-on-5, and the other event was 7-on-7.

The reason we did this is because 22 players isn't enough for a tournament with three teams of 7-on-7 all day long ...but we wanted three teams, we wanted to play 7-on-7, and we wanted to play all day long. :-) That's what we did, and we had a great time!
RESULTS: Waxwings won 5-on-5 ~ Blue team won 7-on-7.

10.00 - Players arrive at main grass field
11.00 - First game starts
13.50 - Lunch
15.00 - Move to AKA Arena
15.30 - Games start again
18.00 - Finals game finished

- Breakfast in school gym
- Leave to sports park
- Meet at AKA Arena
  Practice session
- Latest finish time
Hønefoss Idrettspark
Hønefoss Idrettspark
Foto: Frode Johansen/Ringerikes Blad.

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