Live Wire - Ultimate Tournament
Ultimate Tournament
Hønefoss ~ 22-23. sept. 2012 ~ Hønefoss Idrettspark
Registration, Travel and Payment info
Registration is closed.

Football shoes:
Football shoes with non-removable "studs" are allowed on AKA Arena.
Removable "studs" are not allowed.

Travel info:
By plane - click here
By car/bus/train - click here

AKA Arena, Honefoss Idrettspark
Player fee choices:
Fri-Sun: NOK 270,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 2 breakfasts,
   baguette for lunch on Sun)
Fri-Sat: NOK 205,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 1 breakfast)
Sat-Sun: NOK 240,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 1 breakfast,
   baguette for lunch on Sun.)
Sat-Sun: NOK 210,- (if you eat breakfast elsewhere)
   (Live Wire team shirt, baguette for lunch on Sun)
Sat: NOK 175,- (play-and-leave)
   (Live Wire team shirt)
Sun: NOK 175,- (play-and-leave)
   (Live Wire team shirt, baguette for lunch)

Lunch (Sat): Food will be sold in the sports park.
Dinner (Sat): Salt & Pepper restaurant
Lunch (Sun): Included in the player fee if you choose to stay until and/or play on Sunday.

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