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Ultimate Turnering
Hønefoss ~ 22-23. sept. 2012 ~ Hønefoss Idrettspark
WFDF Rules of Ultimate
WFDF Rules of Ultimate - appendix

Kampoppsett for lørdag 22. september
Lørdag 22/9 - turnering Søndag 23/9 - treningssamling
11.00 - Oppmøte på hovedgressbanen
12.00 - Første kamp
13.45 - Lunch
            Flytter til AKA Arena
15.00 - Kampene starter igjen
18.15 - Slutt
- Avreise til idrettsparken
- Oppmøte på AKA Arena
- Slutt

VIKTIG! --> AKA Arena (kunstgress):
- No removable "studs" on football shoes
- Only water allowed around the field and sidelines
- No liquids on the field
- No food on or around the field
- Eat food only on the first few rows of seats in the grandstands
- No cigarettes or snus anywhere in the stadium
- No chewing gum anywhere in the stadium
Hat tournaments are common in the ultimate circuit. They are tournaments where players join individually rather than as a team. The tournament organizers form teams by randomly taking the names of the participants from a hat.

However, in some tournaments, the organizers do not actually use a hat, but form teams taking into account skill, experience, sex, age, height, and fitness level of the players in the attempt to form teams of even strength. A player provides this information when he or she signs up to enter the tournament.

In both hat leagues and hat tournaments, there is an emphasis on forming new connections throughout the ultimate community. Hat tournaments have a strong emphasis on having fun, socializing, and meeting other players. Players of all levels take part in such events from world-class players to complete beginners. The tournaments (and sometimes also regular tournaments) often have a theme, such as wild west, aliens, pirates, superheroes, etc. The organizers often name teams also according to a theme, such as movie characters, etc.

Hønefoss Idrettspark

AKA Arena
AKA Arena
Hønefoss Idrettspark, main grass field

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