Live Wire - Ultimate Tournament
Ultimate Tournament
Hønefoss ~ 22-23. sept. 2012 ~ Hønefoss Idrettspark
AKA Arena and Main Grass Field
On Fire at Live Wire 2012!

Missing in picture: Adrian Oleson, Håvar Gandrud, Hanna Tordardottir, Christiane Petzold

Saturday 22/9 - turnering Sunday 23/9 - treningssamling
11.00 - Players arrive at main grass field
12.00 - First game starts
13.45 - Lunch
            Move to AKA Arena
15.00 - Games start again
18.15 - Finished
- Leave to sports park
- Meet at AKA Arena
  Practice session
- Finished

Live Wire is a hat tournament, so there's no team sign up. Just sign up individually before the event so that we can make balanced teams ahead of time. And also so that we can print your team shirt in the correct color and size. So encourage your friends to sign up well ahead of time too...

Games will be played at both AKA Arena and on well maintained grass fields -- all in Hønefoss Idrettspark. AKA Arena is a 105x68m artificial grass field with grandstands that seat 4500 spectators.

Welcome to Live Wire!

Previous years:
* Live Wire 2011
* Live Wire 2010
* Live Wire 2009
Live Wire 2012

Hønefoss Idrettspark
Foto: Frode Johansen/Ringerikes Blad.

Player fee: (Player fee choices on the registration form)
Fri-Sun: NOK 270,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 2 breakfasts, baguette for lunch on Sun)
Fri-Sat: NOK 205,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 1 breakfast)
Sat-Sun: NOK 240,-
   (Live Wire team shirt, lodging, 1 breakfast, baguette for lunch on Sun.)
Sat-Sun: NOK 210,- (if you eat breakfast elsewhere)
   (Live Wire team shirt, baguette for lunch on Sun)
Sat: NOK 175,- (play-and-leave)
   (Live Wire team shirt)
Sun: NOK 175,- (play-and-leave)
   (Live Wire team shirt, baguette for lunch)
Lunch (Sat): Food will be sold in the sports park.
Dinner (lør): Salt & Pepper restaurant
Lunch (Sun): Included in the player fee if you choose to stay until and/or play on Sunday.
Alfred Pub & Discotek (free entrance until kl. 23.00)
Café Clint (open until kl. 01.00) - 1 minute walking distance from Alfred

Call Adrian Oleson at (+47) 97518821 or send an email to

Showers are also accessible in the sports park

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